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CSP members jump on board the TUC anti-austerity bus

4 July 2013 - 3:06pm

CSP members were among thousands who caught the TUC anti-austerity bus as it toured England in June to ‘uncover’ the impact of spending cuts on communities. 


CSP steward James Allen, second left, and other trade unionists climb aboard the TUC's bus

The tour was also an opportunity for the TUC to discuss its alternative plans for a ‘fairer more sustainable future for Britain, based on jobs, growth, fair pay, strong public services and unions, and respect and a voice at work.’

The final stop was at Weston-super-Mare, where CSP steward James Allen jumped on board to highlight joint union campaigning around a possible private ‘franchise’ for the local hospital, Weston Area Health NHS Trust.

He said: ‘As an NHS employee providing NHS services to NHS patients, I feel that the best people to provide this service is the NHS. If an organisation is running the NHS for profit, how can this be the best option for the NHS?

‘I also joined the Weston leg of the tour because I can see, like the TUC, that the government's public spending cuts are hurting public services like the NHS, its patients and ordinary people - and that there are alternatives.’

CSP members turned out to greet the bus on stops in Leeds and Berkshire, CSP staff members assisted in leafleting in Liverpool and Manchester and CSP director and current TUC president Lesley Mercer got on board in Newcastle, Sunderland and Todmorden, hearing about local people struggling with unemployment, poverty, housing problems and welfare cuts.

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