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CSP welcomes 'no privatisation' pledge in Wales

23 May 2013 - 11:07am

The CSP has welcomed a pledge by the first minister of Wales Carwyn Jones not to outsource public services when he spoke to trade unionists at the Wales TUC conference in Cardiff yesterday.


Welsh TUC delegate John Walpole (right) - photo: Gabriel Szabo/Guzelian

Mr Jones said: ‘There is no room for privatisation of public services in Wales, and I give you that commitment now.’

CSP delegate Louise Wright said: ‘There’s clearly a different approach in Wales to working with public sector workers.

‘CSP members will welcome a commitment by the minister not to outsource public services like the NHS and maintain publicly funded and delivered services free at the point of use for the people of Wales.’

The first minister also warned of ‘very tough choices' on spending. He predicted further sharp cuts to the Welsh block grant which have so far translated into a real terms cut in the Welsh government budget of £1.4bn in recent years.

However, Mr Jones vowed to prioritise health, education and job creation. The ‘ slash and burn' agenda, which he accused the Westminster government of pursuing, would be avoided.

Health unions expressed concerns about possible cuts to NHS services, but the CSP joined Unison and GMB colleagues in rejecting a motion by Swansea Trades Council that called for a campaign against all NHS closures.The key point was the quality of services offered, not where they were located, the CSP and others argued.

CSP delegate John Walpole said: ‘As a health worker my first priority is patient care and patient safety. There is recognition by all the unions who represent health workers that all services cannot be provided in the same way.’

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