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Go an extra mile to fight for the NHS, is rallying call to CSP members

9 April 2013 - 4:20pm

In a final rallying push, the CSP has called on its members in England to try to influence a crucial debate on NHS commissioning plans, due to be heard in the House of Lords on 24 April.


The CSP has called on members in England to email peers before the House of Lords debate on 24 April

The move is in line with a concerted attempt by several health organisations including the Royal College of Nursing and the British Medical Association along with the TUC to block government plans to force competition on all NHS services in England.

The regulations would appear, potentially, to force all NHS services out to competition, no matter what size the contract and no matter who currently delivers the service.

In an email sent today to nearly three-quarters of the society’s members, Dr Helena Johnson, chair of council, and Phil Gray, chief executive, said they wanted members to go that extra mile to fight for the NHS.

‘Never say never’ is a message we know you so often give your patients,’ said Dr Johnson. ‘We’re asking you to add your voice to the growing call for government to step back from its proposals.’

Mr Gray said the proposals risked fragmentation of physiotherapy services and would waste scarce public funds on unnecessary transactions costs.

‘It will inevitably have a knock-on effect on NHS patient services.’

CSP members highlighted their concerns about the government’s proposals in an emergency motion at this year’s annual representative conference and earlier CSP policy, approved by council, outlined the society’s concerns at the impact of competition on patient outcomes.

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt withdrew controversial plans for competition regulations in March following a public outcry.

‘Unfortunately,’ said Mr Gray, ‘the revised legal regulations that have now been published are barely any better.’

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