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ARC 2013: CSP joins doctors’ call to oppose further privatisation

5 March 2013 - 10:22am

Alex Mackenzie, speaking on behalf of the national group of regional stewards (NGRS), forwarded an emergency motion to raise concerns about recently revealed follow-up regulations to the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

The motion was raised in response to a leaked letter, which appeared in the Observer newspaper on 3 March, from the Academy of Royal Medical Colleges to the health minister Lord Howe.

In the letter the academy urges Lord Howe to rethink the regulations and warns of the potentially ‘dangerous fragmentation of health services and the disruption to the smooth pathway of health care services.’

Ms Mackenzie said the newly proposed regulations would significantly increase competitive marketing and they go against the government’s previous assurances given when the bill was being debated.

She explained that the regulations would force clinical commissioners in England to tender virtually all services to the private sector.

‘It is essential that these regulations - which will prove so damaging to the NHS - do not become law,’ said Ms Mackenzie.

Ms Mackenzie called on the CSP to circulate details of the regulations to members as soon as possible, and to join forces with the academy and other newly emerging groups to lobby the government in order to seek amendments to these regulations.

The motion was seconded by Jill Barker, NGRS steward, and unanimously passed by conference.


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