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Work your proper hours, urges TUC campaign

27 February 2013 - 4:42pm

Physiotherapy staff, along with all other UK workers, are being encouraged to clock off on time this Friday as part of Work Your Proper Hours Day (WYPHD).



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The campaign – aimed at ensuring workers only put in the hours they are paid for – is run by the Trades Union Congress (TUC). The CSP insists that members shouldn’t be under pressure to work long hours and is keen for physiotherapy staff to support the day on 1 March.

A survey of NHS staff carried out by independent research organisation IDS in 2012 found that over 40 per cent of CSP members frequently worked over their contracted hours. It also found that 58.8 per cent said their overtime was unpaid.

The TUC says around one in five employees in the UK regularly work unpaid extra hours averaging 7.3 unpaid hours per week, and equating to £28.3 billion worth of free work per year.

If those working unpaid overtime did all their unpaid hours at the start of the year, they would be working for free until 1 March, according to the TUC.

Increased workload

CSP assistant director of employment relations and union services Peter Finch pointed to findings in the joint union NHS staff survey carried out for the 2013/14 pay round.

The survey found that 46.1 per cent said their workload had increased a lot and that had led to increased stress levels.

Mr Finch said: ‘CSP members want to ensure their patients are treated professionally and with dignity, but they are under immense pressure to achieve targets amid an unprecedented squeeze on NHS finances.

‘Employers need to recognise that our members’ good-will is not inexhaustible.’

You can find more information about the Work Your Proper Hours Day campaign at the link below. 


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