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Super STARs training resource launched

3 December 2012 - 1:15pm

Physiotherapists, together with other allied health professionals (AHPs) in Scotland, have developed modules for an online series of ‘Stroke Training and Awareness Resources’ (STARs).


AHP stroke consultant Gill Alexander

The STARs project is an e-learning resource that aims to enhance the educational opportunities of health and social care staff working with people affected by stroke.

It was commissioned by the Scottish Government and developed by health charity Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland. The University of Edinburgh, NHS Education for Scotland and the National Advisory Committee for Stroke also took part.

File 111932The six stroke-related modules focus on end of life care, self-management, communication, pain management, service improvement and vision. They were launched today.

Gill Alexander, an AHP stroke consultant for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, led the working group that produced the new pain management module.

‘STARs is a fantastic training resource for anyone working in stroke, whatever their profession,’ said Mrs Alexander.

‘As well as covering the core knowledge and skills required by all staff working in stroke, it also in more depth at various topics connected to strokes such as cognition and perception, physical management and the emotional impact.’

Mrs Alexander added that STARs also includes a ‘stroke4carers e-learning resource’ that provides online advice, support and information for family and carers.


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