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Continuing personal development gets further cash boost

23 April 2012 - 3:15pm

Thanks to financial support from the Union Learning Fund (ULF), the CSP is to launch a two-year project aimed at supporting and developing members’ continuing professional development (CPD).

The development comes after the completion of the ‘championing CPD project’, which was also funded by ULF and ran over the past nine months. Team members developed bespoke CPD resources and a learning champion role.

They also introduced a pilot scheme enabling members to opt to become CSP learning champions, and developed a range of targeted CPD resources for associates, newly-qualified and advanced practitioners. With funding of some £200,000 in the first year, the new project will focus on ‘achieving CPD excellence in changing workplace contexts’.

Service quality

It will outline the links between CPD and a quality service for patients, as well as encouraging the development of skills in key areas such as critical evaluation, online CPD activity, and identifying and evaluating personal learning.

Key groups of CSP members will be directly supported under the project, specifically associate and newly-qualified members and those looking to change roles.

Members will also be supported in engaging with new arrangements for workforce planning, as these emerge.

The new CPD project runs until March 2014.


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