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ARC 2012: Embrace social media, say delegates

23 February 2012 - 3:05pm

Smartphone technology and social networking sites such as Facebook should be harnessed by CSP to get its message across to members and a wider audience, ARC delegates decided.

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In a motion keenly debated, with issues including security, privacy and accessibility all being raised, conference voted in favour of the society looking to increase its social media presence.

Student executive committee member Lucy Cocker (right) proposed the motion, which called for the CSP to develop social media profiles to promote and raise awareness of its work and create a smartphone application to support interactiveCSP.

‘We already have an existing iCSP website, why not develop iCSP by creating a new and exciting way of using it through smartphone technology?’ Ms Cocker argued.

She also suggested that a Facebook group linked to iCSP would interest many members, and used the example of the growth of the CSP’s Twitter feed - to over 600 followers since its launch ahead of the pensions day of action in November - to argue that members were keen to embrace social media opportunities.

Jill Barker of the national group of regional stewards argued against the motion, saying there were dangers involved in using Facebook because employers could use the same forum and this ‘could open a can of worms for members’.

Philip Hulse, representing CSP council, said increasing the use of social technology was ‘very much work in progress’.

‘The communications group are looking very closely at what to do next and the last meeting decided Twitter was the way forward.’

‘Facebook is still a risk right now,’ he added.

The motion was carried.


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