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ARC 2012: Defend non-NHS members, too

10 February 2012 - 3:53pm

Members outside the NHS should have their rights defended, too, amid an increasingly difficult working environment caused by the financial difficulties in the UK, conference heard.

With increasing numbers of physiotherapy staff moving outside the NHS, members working in the private, charitable and not-for-profit sectors need to be defended against the continual erosion of terms and conditions of employment, ARC delegates heard.

The delegate forwarding the motion on employment rights for non-NHS members warned that members leaving the NHS needed to be made aware that they may face worse benefits in areas such as sick pay and annual leave.

Kim Gainsborough, regional steward for the east of England who seconded the motion, said there were many structures in place to safeguard the working terms and conditions for members, and the CSP had worked hard to negotiate these.

However, if non-NHS organisations didn’t recognise the CSP, then members were left feeling unprotected.

‘Many members are treated really appalling and feel they cannot  speak out and approach the CSP for help. We need to reach out to them,’ Ms Gainsborough said.

The motion called for increased communication with members working outside the NHS from the society, including via email, Frontline and with new guidance papers, to monitor and defend them against continued erosion of terms and conditions.

It was passed unanimously.


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