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CSP backs call for NHS resources to target community care

3 January 2012 - 4:35pm

A call for the NHS to target resources on treating patients at home rather than hospital has been welcomed by the CSP.

The society was responding to a New Year’s message from the NHS Confederation, whose head Mike Farrar said that at least one patient in four in a NHS hospital would be better off receiving care from NHS staff at home.

CSP head of public affairs and policy, Donna Castle, said: ‘Physiotherapy has a key role to play in supporting people in the community. This is better for the patient and more efficient for the NHS. 

‘We support moves to increase investment in community-based physiotherapy services, to ensure the support is there for people when they need it.’

Rehabilitation role

Ms Castle said physios could play a key role in helping to rehabilitate people who had survived a stroke or heart attack, or in supporting those with long-term conditions to manage their illness and live independently.

‘Another example would be helping people with musculoskeletal conditions to return to work,’ she added. ‘Community-based physiotherapy has been proven to improve patient outcomes and reduce unnecessary hospital admissions and readmissions.’ 

Mr Farrar said the NHS must convince people to let go of the ‘outdated hospital-or-bust model of care’ and shift resources into community-based services, early intervention and self care.

Meanwhile, politicians from the main parties in England are scheduled to start a series of meetings in the next few weeks over plans to reform social care provision. Ms Castle said CSP would ‘watch out for developments with interest’.


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