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Keep up the pressure on pensions, says CSP

2 November 2011 - 5:02pm

The government’s new proposals on public sector pensions leave too many important areas unchanged, said the CSP today.

The society still urges members to vote Yes in its ballot on industrial action, launched on Monday.

Treasury ministers proposed today (2 November) to improve the rate at which a pension would build up under any new ‘career-average’ scheme.

They also offered better transitional arrangements for members approaching retirement.

The CSP and other unions said this shift in position was due to the strength of feeling shown by public sector employees. There had been a groundswell of support for the planned day of action on 30 November, they said.

Message to the government

‘It is now even more important that we send a strong message to the government by getting a resounding Yes vote in our ballot,’ said Alex MacKenzie, chair of the CSP’s industrial relations committee.

The society’s key concerns are contribution increases, rise in pension age, basing pension increases on the consumer prices index and the design of any future scheme.

New proposals would only improve the rate at which pensions would build up in a career-average scheme, leaving significant areas of the government’s position unchanged, says the CSP.

The CSP will now take part in talks specifically about NHS pensions, considering the new proposals in detail.

The society said it is committed to trying to reach a negotiated settlement, but unless there is real progress over the coming weeks it will continue with the ballot for action.


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