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WCPT congress: Medical views can hamper self-referral

27 June 2011 - 12:30pm

Entrenched views from the medical profession are among the many barriers to developing self-referral, or direct access, to physios, delegates heard.

Tracy Bury, a member of staff from the WCPT’s London headquarters, had carried out a survey of the use of self-referral worldwide, following a decision from the confederation’s 2009 summit.

It showed that most member countries only had self-referral to private practitioners. Only 27.5% of those members responding said that self-referral was possible to physios working in state organisations.

‘Medical views could be a major issue in some countries,’ she said. In others, the reimbursement model was an issue, or political views could hamper the acceptance of such a model.

But service user support for the model, along with the active role of the professional body in that country, could all help facilitate the development of self-referral, she added.

‘It’s not something you can do on your own,’ she said. ‘You need to make friends and influence people and to use evidence to build the case.’


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