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CSP warning on employment tribunal proposals

27 April 2011 - 4:36pm

The CSP has warned that ministers’ proposed changes to the employment tribunal system will have a disproportionately negative impact on women, black and disabled workers.

In its formal response to the government consultation Resolving Workplace Disputes, the CSP has criticised proposals to lengthen the employment service period required for taking claims and to impose charges on those taking claims. 

CSP Employment Relations and Union Services head of research and policy, Kate Moran, said: 'Workplace disputes are best resolved in the workplace without formal procedures but this is often not possible.

'Therefore it is essential that employees have access to a fair resolution through the employment tribunal system.

'The government’s proposals will mean additional costs and delays in achieving settlements to disputes and this will hurt vulnerable, low-paid workers the most.'

No evidence

'Pressure for these changes is being spearheaded by businesses,' Ms Moran said.

'They argue that there are too many high weak and vexatious claims, but they have yet to present convincing evidence for this.

'We know from our members who take claims to an employment tribunal that it is often a difficult experience for employees and not an option that is pursued lightly. 

'Instead of reducing workers’ access to justice, the government and business community should recognise the invaluable role played by trade unions in resolving disputes in the workplace.'

Download the CSP response to the government consultation Resolving Workplace Disputes, which closed last month, below.


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