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CSP steps up campaign in Northern Ireland

24 March 2011 - 4:12pm

Political campaigns are one of the most demanding events you could ever be involved in and candidates often overlook the dangers that a hectic election season can pose to their health, warn allied health professionals.

AHPs in Northern Ireland

Liz Cavan and other AHPs take the message to politicians   photo: Kevin Cooper Photoline

To help with this AHPs in Northern Ireland came together this week to provide practical information and advice to 5 May election candidates on how to stay healthy during a campaign (see downloads below).

BBC programme features CSP concerns

A BBC politics programme Hearts and Minds featuring AHP concerns is being screened on 24 March at 7.30pm on BBC2 NI and 11.40pm on BBC1 NI.

The CSP gives practical advice on the importance of posture and physical activity in health including suggestions on removing the factors that cause muscle pain both now and in the future, such as poor posture, as well as simple stretching exercises for those long periods spent travelling or bent over a computer.


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