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CSP is taking a realistic attitude, says chief

22 March 2011 - 3:26pm

The CSP is being realistic in facing changes to the NHS, chief executive Phil Gray told a special meeting of the CSP English regional networks today. 

‘In my 30 years in healthcare, I’ve never come across a situation like this, where there’s a united front of health experts and patients’ groups all saying the direction of travel is wrong, it’s too fast, it’s too risky,’ he told the meeting. Network members had gathered to learn more about how GP commissioning will work at local level.


But although hoping to make constructive changes to the plans, he said, the CSP was also realistic about the need to work with them.

‘It’s a process we’ve been involved with before,’ he told the meeting, at the society’s Bedford Row headquarters. ‘Four years ago, we were giving guidance on dealing with commissioning.’

CSP guidance widely copied

The CSP’s guidance was copied by many other organisations, he noted.

‘We want to ensure that patient care delivers its best, however the world changes around it,’ he added.

‘I believe that in four years’ time, whatever the shape of the NHS – whether a mixed economy or radically changed – physiotherapy will still be there as a productive part of delivering high standards of patient care.’


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