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Wales launches code of conduct and code of good practice

1 February 2011 - 12:34pm

A ‘code of conduct’ for health care support workers and a ‘code of good practice’ for employers has been launched in Wales.

The codes demonstrate an ‘assurance system’, providing support workers with a set of standards to work to and guidelines to ensure that employers are committed to helping staff to meet standards.

Additionally, they also inform members of the public about the standard of service they can expect from staff.

Continuing development

Initially, the codes will apply to new starters and support workers who change role within organisations. Future development work will identify how the codes can be applied to the existing workforce.

There will also be an examination of induction programmes and the specific issues induction raises for support workers.

Strong CSP input

A consultation steering group was chaired by CSP policy officer for Wales, Philippa Ford, who said: ‘I hope support workers, especially our own associate members, will find them useful tools and I look forward to working with members on the next phase of the work


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