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ARC: Frontline service cuts are health timebomb

9 February 2011 - 2:09pm

Frontline NHS services for patients are being cut, despite government pledges that core services would not be affected by budget freezes, ARC was told.

Lynn Murray, for Scottish stewards said it was a ‘myth’ that frontline services are not being affected by the savings the NHS is being asked to make across the UK.

‘The public have been led to believe that their services are being protected,’ she said. ‘If only that was the case’.

Kirsti Duke, for north London stewards, said she worked at a cancer specialist hospital where there was no cancer specialist physio on her ward, contrary to NICE guidelines.

She warned that cuts to frontline services were a ‘health time bomb’ that would prove more expensive to the NHS in the long run.

‘It’s a false economy and people must know that,’ she said.

Conference also called on the CSP to campaign for senior physiotherapy posts to be protected, where skill-mix was being altered for financial reasons.

Rachael Pope, for south west south stewards, said band 8 and 7 posts were being targeted, with some senior jobs being ‘fragmented’, so that one role was carried out by a band 7 physio one day and band 6 physios for the rest of the week.

‘People don’t know who their team leader is each day,’ she said.

Conference also called on the CSP to offer support for members in opposing efficiency savings.

Allan Ewing, for Scottish stewards, said: ‘For managers, stewards, and CSP members alike we need support to provide reasoned and authoritative responses.’

Motions 5, 6, and 7 were all carried.

* In an emergency motion, conference called on the CSP to collate information that would show the effect of the proposed new significantly reduced budget for the Department of Health, Social Services, and Public Safety in Northern Ireland.

Catherine Elliman, for Northern Ireland stewards, said the budget could result in the loss of 5,500 posts across the department over the next four years.


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