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Northern Ireland savings drive will hit physios services hard

18 January 2011 - 2:10pm

Physiotherapy services in Northern Ireland are bracing themselves for further significant cuts and increasing pressure on services, the CSP has warned.

The Department for Health Social Services and Public Safety last week published its consultation document on the proposed health budget settlement for 2011-15.

The department projects there will be a £800m shortfall against assessed need by 2015, which could result in hospital bed closures, restricted access to community care and around 4,000 job losses, it said.

In response, the CSP said physiotherapy services were already experiencing vacancy freezes and increased waiting times beyond the nine-week outpatient target.

Impact on physio services

Tom Sullivan, Northern Ireland policy officer said: ‘The drive to make savings has already had a significant impact on physiotherapy services and staffing levels. In the Belfast Trust alone physiotherapy vacancies are currently sitting at over 14 per cent.

‘This has had and will continue to have a significant impact on the ability of frontline staff to meet the demand for physiotherapy services.’

The CSP will be responding to the budget consultation, which closes on 16 February.

CSP press release Health budget cuts will hit frontline physiotherapy services


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