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Grave concerns over NHS reforms

7 January 2011 - 11:50am

Health secretary Andrew Lansley has announced that the government will go ahead with its plans to radically reform the NHS, despite opposition from across the health service.

The CSP’s submission in response to the white paper urged the government to reconsider its approach and expressed ‘grave concerns’ on the scale and pace of the planned reforms. The government received 6,000 responses.

The British Medical Association, Royal College of GPs and the respected health thinktank King’s Fund have also voiced their fears about the speed and scale of reforms.

The health secretary said the government had ‘listened extensively to all views’ about the reforms, which proposed handing over to GPs the responsibility for commissioning the majority of health services and managing the budgets to pay for them.

Government pledges extra money for PCTs

Andrew Lansley said there will be a parliamentary bill next month to abolish primary care trusts by April 2013 and strategic health authorities by 2012.

He said that £89 billion will go to PCTs next year for frontline services, an increase of £2.6 billion on last year, to include, for the first time, money to support social care.

Fifty two GP consortia have already signed up as pathfinders to manage their local budgets and commission patients’ services.

CSP chief executive Phil Gray says: ‘The CSP remains deeply concerned about the government’s proposed wholesale reforms of the NHS, which carry a significant risk of fragmenting patient services and creating an unacceptable “postcode lottery” of care.’


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