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Supporting knowledge in physiotherapy practice

1 November 2010 - 1:40pm

Physiotherapists are being encouraged to share literature reviews and clinical protocols and evidence under an initiative from the CSP.

The SKIPP programme, or supporting knowledge in physiotherapy practice, aims to make it quicker and easier for physios to collaborate with others.

The programme will be managed and accessed online as part of the new CSP website, which is currently in its Beta, or trial period.

SKIPP administrator Ralph Hammond said it made sense to introduce a more methodical and strategic approach to evidence appraisal.

Outlining the initiative at a Congress seminar, he said SKIPP would help avoid duplication of work.

'It's about planning and sharing the work we do in clinical practice to avoid lots of people all appraising the same evidence, and to make our effort reach further,' Ralph Hammond said. 'We need to get away from the idea that evidence can only come from a randomised controlled trial, that it can also be clinical experience, user views, standardised clinical data and learning from audit.'

All physios, including band 5's and 6's were encouraged to contribute as were postgraduates and PhD students.

Ideas for submissions included evidence notes, clinical guidelines, technical assessments, position statements and cost-effectiveness briefings.

Before being posted online work will be assessed by an endorsement panel. There will also be a liaison officer to advise on submission of work to the SKIPP project.

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