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All together for public services

21 October 2010 - 1:10pm

Physiotherapy lecturer Alison Lyddon described her experiences as a health service user in front of a crowd of thousands concerned about public sector spending cuts.

Alison Lyddon addresses the rally

Image © Stefano Cagnoni

With a serious neck and spinal cord injury after an accident between her bicycle and a car Alison Lyddon’s treatment included neurosurgery, specialist rehabilitation and a holistic, integrated care plan.

She described NHS services as ‘brilliant’ and explained how staff expertise and the availability of resources were paramount in her recovery.

‘Without them I would not be here standing, walking and even working towards running again.’

Effects of cuts 

‘I think most physiotherapists are aware that any cuts are going to have a big effect on their working life’.

Alison Lyddon was a speaker at the Westminster Central Hall rally on Tuesday which took place before a mass lobby of MPs.

Lesley Mercer, CSP director of employment relations and union services, said of the TUC-organised All together for public services rally: ‘This was a good start of a long campaign.’

Physios join regional campaigns

CSP members elsewhere took part in actions surrounding the government’s announcement of the comprehensive spending review.

Yesterday physios from the Royal Liverpool University hospital took part in a day of action in the city.

And today’s Daily Mail newspaper featured the case of CSP regional steward Jim Fahie and how his family would be affected by paying more pension contributions.


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