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Help for heart failure

26 August 2010 - 2:55pm

The CSP has welcomed new official guidelines recognising the importance of exercise in treating heart failure.

Updated advice issued by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence today includes making better use of rehabilitation programmes based on supervised exercise.

Research has shown that this kind of treatment can reduce hospital re-admissions and help patients resume active lives.

‘We welcome the recognition by NICE of the significant role exercise-based rehabilitation programmes can play in improving the quality of life for patients with heart failure,’ says Natalie Beswetherick, the CSP’s director of practice and development.

‘Physiotherapists have a well established record of working with patients who have suffered a heart attack,’ she adds. ‘But while an increasing amount of work is being done with patients with heart failure, access to these exercise programmes has been far from universal. So these new guidelines are to be warmly welcomed.’

The guidelines warn practitioners to ensure that the patient’s heart condition is stable and there is no condition (or device) present that would preclude physical exercise. They also recommend including a psychological and educational component in the rehab programme.

The new advice extends the message already promoted by the CSP through its  Move for Health campaign.


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