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Building an effective brand for the CSP

17 August 2010 - 10:10am

The CSP is due to launch a new brand at the end of 2010 and wants members to help find the best way to describe the Society.

It's tough to get noticed as an organisation, but branding is one of the ways that can help build reputation. Its purpose is to project a message that will make people think or act in a way that helps us achieve goals. It influences people, challenges attitudes, changes minds and inspires action.

What's the value of brand to the CSP? It helps promote the immense value that physiotherapy can play in modern healthcare and the vital role of those who support and deliver it.

Valuing what we do

James Hale, director of CSP communications and marketing, said: 'Its value to us is to make sure that our audiences, from policymakers and commissioners, to potential physio students and the public, know about and understand the value of what we do. With the current pressures facing the economy and our profession, this need has never been greater'.

The Society has started to look at the CSP brand, to see where it's working well and where it can be strengthened. It is looking at the messages it needs to send and how best to do this.

Asking for your opinions

'By completing our short survey, your responses will be helping us build a more effective brand for the CSP,' said James Hale.

'Your help is vital to ensuring we use our brand to raise our profile and influence, so please take just a few minutes to complete this short survey.'

Visit the CSP branding survey


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