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Alert issued as elbow crutch have risk of failure

9 November 2009 - 2:35pm

Handles on a batch of elbow crutches are in danger of dropping, rotating, or giving way during use.

Due to a manufacturing error, the rivet that holds the crutch handle on four batches of aluminium double adjustable elbow crutches manufactured by Trulife Ltd, model RM 512700, have been found to be unsafe. The models affected, and their date of manufacture, are: PO5036 29, April 2009; PO5037 30, April 2009; PO5086 04, May 2009; and PO5087 05, May 2009. These details appear on the outer surface of the elbow cuff of the crutch. All crutches from these batches should be replaced. Trulife can be contacted on 0800 581 596, or 01142 618 100. Full medical device alert

Further information

Please also see our Risk assessment page for other recent alerts on oxygen safety in hospitals and wheelchairs.


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