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CSP warns on new staff vetting system

15 September 2009 - 5:55pm

The Trades Union Congress meets for its annual conference in Liverpool this week. Frontline reporter Graham Clews follows the CSP’s five-strong delegation as they take part in debates and congress activities.

TUC delegates have backed the CSP’s call for the new Independent Safeguarding Authority to be fair and free to staff.

A CSP motion called for the fee for all ISA vetting to be paid by employers, rather than employees, and for the barring and appeals process to be consistent with workers’ rights to due process and a fair hearing.

CSP delegate Alex Mackenzie (pictured) told Congress that the CSP completely supported the principle of protecting vulnerable people but that in its current form, the ISA might not carry out this work in the most efficient way.

photo: Mark Hakansson/Mousetrap Media

Problems of ISA in current form

‘There has been a lot of controversy over ISA checks on volunteers, but while volunteers will be required to register with the ISA, they will not be required to pay,’ she said.

‘Our members will be asked to pay for this out of their own pockets. What about the effect on low paid, part-time women workers who struggle to make ends meet?

‘What about the rules of natural justice and the right to be represented when others are judging your fitness for employment?’ she asked.

The CSP also warned that the ISA process must not duplicate costs and registration for staff already on their relevant professional register.

CSP press release Review must address concerns about ISA eroding workers’ rights


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