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New strategy on swine flu

9 July 2009 - 12:35pm

With physiotherapists set to be among health workers to receive priority swine flu vaccinations in the autumn, government policy on the pandemic has moved from containment to treatment.

Diagnosis is now by symptoms rather than swabbing, tracing of close contacts is ending and antivirals will only be offered to those with the illness.

12 per cent of NHS staff could be off sick

Chief medical officer Liam Donaldson said today (17 July) up to 12 per cent of the NHS workforce could be absent at any one time, reports Health Service Journal. National director for NHS flu resilience Ian Dalton said discussions were taking place with front line staff and trade unions 'about how we keep services going.' A national pandemic flu service will be up and running in England by the end of next week, providing additional support to the NHS, health secretary Andy Burnham said today.


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