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Singapore work opportunities open up for physios

13 March 2009 - 4:10pm

Singapore is looking to recruit physiotherapists from the UK and Ireland as part of plans to expand healthcare provision.

The country’s Ministry of Health says it will need an extra 4,500 staff, including allied health professionals, doctors and nurses, over the next two years.


Health officials will present the ‘Singapore experience’ in a bid to attract new staff at seminars in London on 27 March and Dublin on 1 April.

Anil Das, director of healthcare manpower facilitation for MOH Holdings, the body which owns public hospitals in Singapore, said there were openings for physiotherapists in the acute sector, in community settings and in sports physiotherapy, with considerable opportunities to pursue research.

£18k salary plus other benefits


He said newly qualified physiotherapists could earn a minimum basic salary of £18,000, pay around 10 per cent tax and receive a re-location allowance, monthly housing support plus other benefits.

Mr Das said: ‘People might want to try the experience, on a two-to-three year contract, with the option of extending it for a longer term.’

He said Singapore was looking to boost health spending from around four per cent of gross domestic product towards six per cent, investing in new infrastructure, research and services for chronic conditions.

'Centre for world class health care and research'

CSP international development adviser Elizabeth Carrington said: 'Singapore is rapidly becoming a centre for world class health care and research, attracting patients from all over south Asia and beyond so there is an increasing demand for a wide range of healthcare professionals.

'Physiotherapy features in the strategic skills list so this is a great opportunity.'

Individuals have until 20 March to sign up for the seminars.

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