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Congress 2008 Members’ Benevolent Fund Quiz

15 December 2008 - 5:05pm

Here are the answers to the quiz which was held at Congress. Thank you to all who had a go. No one had all correct answers although there were several near misses, so the champagne prize went to the first of the nearest out of the hat.

1. Did you know your Benevolent Fund existed before today?  Yes 21%     No 79%

If yes, how did you know?      

Frontline 47%    Previous Congress 19%    Work 8%.    Friend 8%    Branch 7%

Interest group 5%    Leaflet 3%    Other 3% (Council, website, ARC, H&S OCPPP)

2. When does the Fund help?

When a member faces unexpected financial crisis through no fault of the member e.g.

illness; accident, loss of partner or is facing debt after all State benefits and credits have

been claimed.

3. Who does it help? All who have a membership number, whether qualified, students

assistants, unemployed or retired. We cannot help family members if the member is


4. How does the Fund help? Regular grants, Financial gifts, Loans, Shopping vouchers, Purchasing items, Care expenses, Help with home repairs, Giving advice, regular contact. Occasional visits may be made. We cannot pay off debts.

5. Do you know how to access the Fund? Members, colleagues or friends can contact MBF via CSP by letter telephone or email marked Members Benevolent Fund. All enquiries and information giving are confidential.

6. Which age group do we help most?  Mainly those of working age between 30 and early 50s.

7. Have you ever donated?    Yes 43 %    No 57%

8. Do you know how to make donations?    Yes 68%    No 32%

9. In what ways can you donate?  By direct debit, cheque, at collections at meetings or amongst staff, giving to celebrate an occasion or in memory, including a legacy in your will, by holding an event, sale or being sponsored. Cheques are payable to The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Members’ Benevolent Fund and sent c/o CSP

10. Do you know how much Gift Aid is worth? 28% for standard rate tax payers at no cost to the donor as the charity can reclaim tax you have paid on your donation.

11 Who can use Gift Aid?  Any tax payer who has not already gift aided charitable donations to the amount of tax paid in the same financial year and has completed a gift aid declaration for the charity.

12. When was the Members Benevolent Fund started?  1917, by members to help those members injured in the First World War who were unable to support themselves before there was any kind of help other than charities.

The honorary trustees hope that all readers will become donors to help their fellow members as did those who set up our Benevolent Fund.


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