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BackCare Awareness Week 2007: Can you help the CSP find patient case studies?

1 August 2007 - 12:35pm

The CSP press office is gearing up to raise the profile of physiotherapy through the media during BackCare Awareness Week 2007.

The week itself takes place from October 8-12, but we are already actively speaking to the press about the role CSP members play in preventing and managing back pain.

Journalists have told us that they want to hear ‘real-life’ accounts from people who have been living with back pain and sought physiotherapy treatment to help put them on the road to recovery.

We now need your help to find patients who would be willing to do this.

Can you help put us in touch with patients who would be happy to speak out about how back pain affected their lives and how physiotherapy has improved their condition and their quality of life?

If so, please contact Becky Darke, CSP Media Relations Officer, on 020 7306 6628 or or Jennie Edmondson, CSP Head of Press and PR, on 020 7306 6616 or

The CSP press office will provide anyone who acts as a case study with full support. We will respect patients’ privacy and your own by not giving out contact details to the press without full consent.

We cannot stress strongly enough how critical case studies have become to the successful generation of media profile. We would be extremely grateful for any assistance you can provide.


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