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HPC return to practice key decisions

1 February 2006 - 3:45pm

The HPC has issued their initial draft decisions document following the 2005 HPC Return to Practice consultation.

The Health Professions Council (HPC) has produced an initial draft response to feedback received from HPC registrants, professional bodies and other key stakeholders following its Return to Practice consultation run between July and September 2005.

Health professionals who have been out of practice should have to complete a period of professional updating, the length of which will depend on the amount of time that they have been out of practice. Final approval is still pending on the document from HPC Council in March 2006, but the current durations are as follows:

0 -2 years = no requirements
2 - 5 years = 30 days' updating
5 or more years = 60 days' updating A period of updating may consist of any combination of supervised practice, formal study, or private study, with the proviso that private study must consist of no more than half of the entire period of updating.

These requirements will apply to health professionals on a career break and seeking readmission to the HPC register as well as to health professionals currently on the Register while on a career break wishing to renew their registration.

These requirements will come into force from 9 July 2006 so will not be in effect for the April 2006 physiotherapy renewal process.

Once the final decision has been made by the HPC Council, the CSP will provide further details to members. At this time it is clear that physiotherapists currently on the HPC Register who are not practising will not be affected by the new requirements until their next renewal in April 2008.

Physiotherapists not currently on the HPC Register who have been out of practice will be affected by the requirements as soon as they attempt to re-register after 9 July 2006, if they have been out of practice for 2 years or more.

Physiotherapists who have never registered with the HPC (or previously the CPSM) and never practised will only have to fulfil return to practice requirements if they register with the HPC more than 5 years after qualifying as a physiotherapist.

Full information about the original HPC consultation is available on the HPC website at The link to the current key decisions document is available below.


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