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Welsh health news - September 2002

5 July 2005 - 9:10am

AM complains, Delay in appointments, Plaid accuses UNISON, more...

Tuesday 03.09.02DAILY POST

AM ComplainsClwyd West AM Alun Pugh has criticised the transfer of haemodialysis patients from Ysbyty Glan Clwyd in Boddwyddan to hospitals in Bangor and Wrexham because the unit is full.  A new unit is planned but until then sick patients face a journey for dialysis.  This, says the AM, is not acceptable.

Delay in appointmentsJane Hutt AMs controversial shake-up of the NHS in Wales has hit a further snag as it has been revealed that not all LHB Chief Executives have been appointment and will not be filled until the end of October.


Plaid accuses UNISONUNISON is facing questions from Plaid Cymru over the legal status of its membership application form which could have major implications for the party's campaign funds.  Plaid Cymru want them to change its form arguing that it breaks rules which allow every trade union to disaffiliate from Labour or any political campaign fund.

Minister sets out vision on primary careHealth Minister Jane Hutt AM writes for the Western Mail explaining the importance of primary care and highlighting the achievements made by the Welsh Assembly Government.

Wednesday 04.09.02DAILY POST

Plaid warning on care home crisisPlaid Cymru are warning that hundreds of residential care beds could be lost before the Welsh Assembly returns form the summer break.  Alan Milburn has dropped plans to enforce the stringent new standards.  Plaid warn of disastrous consequences unless Jane Hutt follows suit.


Focus on detoxHealth focus looks at a specialise detox centre in Cardiff's Whitchurch Hospital and profiles the work of senior nurse manger Mark Doherty.

Friday 06.09.02DAILY POST

Surgeons use 'Rolls Royce' jointsOrthopaedic surgeons in North Wales have run up a £1m deficit according to the health authority as they insist on using 'state of the art' bone implants.


PRBCoverage of the pay review body evidence with quotes from Gary Newman and Peter Finch.  Headlined by 'Shortage of physiotherapists causing NHS a pain in the neck'.


Anger over tonsil op waitPatients are becoming angry about the wait for tonsil operations.  The paper focuses on the 4,500 Children in Wales waiting for surgery.

Saturday 07.09.02DAILY POST

Reasons for longer waitsHealth Minister, Jane Hutt AM, blamed historical reasons and Wales' sicker population for hospital waiting times being longer than in England.

Physio spotlight in PRB evidenceCoverage of the pay review evidence.  Reporters spoke to Stormont Murray (steward) and physiotherapist Sam Muthusamy from Llandudno General Hospital.


Waiting times for skin conditions riseWaiting lists are spiraling for skin problems.  Patients with skin complaints are being forced to wait up to three years for help.  Consultant Dr Motley said a blitz on dermatology waiting lists had been launched in England but not in Wales.

Monday 09.09.02WESTERN MAIL

Conservatives attack MinisterConservatives have launched a fierce attack on Health Minister Jane Hutt AM as they outlined their vision of Welsh health.  They say they would cancel the new Assembly building project and spend the money on frontline staff.

Parents join children's service rowParents have joined the row about the reorganisation of children's services.  Parent Judith Dodds claimed children will die if SHSCW's plans are agreed.


Money problems in N WalesNorth Wales health authority fear they will have a recurrent funding gap of £4.8 million.  They are looking to the Assembly to increase funding.

Tuesday 10.09.02WESTERN MAIL

Car parking problemsContinuing problems are being seen with UHW car parking up to 600 staff will be told they are no longer eligible for cut price parking.

Warnings about the mental health billCritics are coming out over the proposed mental health bill for England and Wales.  Mind Cymru have described it as 'unworkable and regressive'.  The Law Society states "The central provision of the draft bill are legally, morally and ethically undesirable.  Many of the proposals represent an erosion of human rights."

Thursday 12.09.02WESTERN MAIL

Assembly on collision course with Government on mental health billAlso reports that the Assembly is on a collision course with the Government over controversial mental health proposals.

Rent rise for nursing studentsNursing students at the University Hospital of Wales have been shocked to learn that their rent is going up by 40%.


Evidence to H&SS CommitteeReports on the health and social services committee debate on the draft mental health bill.  Mental health groups, the Law Society, RCN and Royal College of Psychiatrists joined together to urge the Government to scrap the bill.

Friday 13.09.02WESTERN MAIL

Medical students drink too muchMedical students are being warned that they drink too much.  A report for the Portman Group concludes that the next generation of documents is displaying an alarming ignorance of the effects of alcohol.

Assembly coughs up for tonsils opsFurther coverage on patients waiting for tonsil operations.  The National Assembly plans to reimburse Trusts for surgical equipment used.

Political focus – Mental Health BillClaire Betts, political analyst, digests the mid-week health committee decisions about the mental health bill.


Recruitment drive for nursesA massive recruitment drive for nurses is being planned in Cardiff and the Vale after an investigation revealed the hospitals in the Trust are running wit huge vacancies.

Saturday 14.09.02DAILY POST

Political row at the borderNorth Wales patients will suffer longer delays for bone surgery at border hospital Oswestry because of a lack of NHS funding.  A fresh political row has flared after a surgeon at Oswestry claimed he had been instructed  not to take Welsh patients because of 'funding issues'.

Thursday 17.09.02SOUTH WALES ECHO

Parking chaosParking chaos is set to continue at the University Hospital of Wales due to repair work being carried out on the PFI car park.

Wednesday 18.09.02WESTERN MAIL

Drug company reassures investorsDrug company Biotech Celltech have reassured investors its potential blockbuster treatment for rheumatoid arthritis is on track to start final trials next month.

Cost of brain injuryBrain injury experts from the UK, meeting in Cardiff heard how brain damage suffered after strokes costs the NHS ore than £2.3bn a year.

Swansea City Council rejects SHSCW plansFresh criticism of SHSCW's plans to transfer children's neuro surgery from Swansea to Cardiff has come from Swansea City Council.

More on MMRFurther commentary on the MMR issue.  Children are more at risk of a killer disease because of the boom in day care.  Pressure group Rappid has warned that children need greater protection following a 300% rise in the number of under five-year-olds in Wales attending day care centres in the last decade.

Thursday 19.09.02WESTERN MAIL

Autistic boy visits the MinisterAutistic school boy Oliver Loch went to the Assembly to hand in a petition about the MMR vaccine.  Nether the Minister or Deputy Minister for Health were available to meet him.


Car parking nightmare continuesMore on the car parking saga.  One member of staff has been knocked off their bicycle whilst another has tripped and fallen trying to reach the hospital from alternative parking.

Friday 20.09.02WESTERN MAIL

Damning report publishedThe report has been published on specialist and tertiary services in Morriston and Singleton.  It makes 94 recommendations for change.

Sunday 22.09.02WALES ON SUNDAY

NHS madnessReports on what it calls 'madness' in terms of the NHS reorganisation in Wales which sees up to 22 full board members for the 22 Local Health Boards.

Tuesday 24.09.02SOUTH WALES ECHO

Ambulance Trust crisisThe Welsh Ambulance Trust is apparently close to crisis point with some paramedics in South Wales Threatening to quit, claims UNISON.


Heart patients still waitingHeart patients are still waiting more than a year for life-saving tests that they should get in just three months in some part of  Wales.

GP crisisContinued crisis to recruit GPs as patients face new difficulties making an appointment with a GP after an entire practice resigned in Bridgend.

Wednesday 25.09.02WESTERN MAIL

Cancer hospice looks to the far-eastA second cancer hospice has been forced to shut half its beds because of a shortage of specialist nurses and is turning to the far-east to ease the recruitment crisis.

Midwife shortage maskedClaims that mothers are 'too posh to push' are masking the acute shortage of midwives that has prompted a dramatic increase in caesarian sections.


Rising waiting listsWaiting lists continue to rise despite efforts.  Nearly 4,000 more people in Wales are waiting longer than 6 months to see a specialist doctor for the first time.

Thursday 26.09.02WESTERN MAIL

Lib Dem demandsLib Dems have indicated that if, as is expected, they sign up to a second coalition agreement with Labour after next May's Assembly election, the party will ask for a new longer cycle instead of the current annual negotiations in Cardiff Bay.

Looking at a Winter crisisWales is facing a Winter crisis with not enough beds or staff to cope, experts are warning.  One in 12 consultant posts as vacant and Wales needs almost 1,000 nurses, midwives and health visitors.

UNISON take strike actionUNISON members will go ahead with a planned 24 hour strike over pay at Swansea NHS Trust.  The dispute is with ISS Mediclean, the company responsible for cleaning contracts.


More on waiting listsFurther coverage on the spiraling waiting lists and the decrease in hospital beds.

Friday 27.09.02SOUTH WALES ECHO

Lib Dems propose tax raisingTaxes should rise in Wales to fund improvements in the health service, Liberal Democrats have proposed.  Other proposals include reforming the Barnett formula.

Saturday 28.09.02WESTERN MAIL

Crisis for private care homesPrivate care homes are calling for equal treatment.  Local authorities across Wales face being sued by independent care home owners angry at years of under-funding.  The disparity in funding and the introduction of the new care standards act could force half of Wales care home beds to shut by the end of the year.

24 hour strikeA 24 hour hospital strike in Swansea'a Morriston & Singleton Hospitals has caused operations to be cancelled and other services brought to a halt.  Striking staff included porters, cleaners and telephonists.

Goal posts more in PowysHundreds of nurses risk losing their jobs after cash-strapped NHS executives moved the goal posts in a seven year battle for equal pay in Powys Healthcare Trust.


Stability needed says PlaidPlaid Cymru have said they would not reverse NHS structural change if they win power.  A period of stability is required.


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