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CSP welcomes launch of Modernisation Agency

5 July 2005 - 9:10am

Phil Gray comments on plans to give more power to front line staff in the NHS

Speaking following the announcement to give more power to front line staff, Phil Gray, chief executive of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, said: 'The CSP very much welcomes the launch of the Modernisation Agency, and we are now seeking an early meeting with the Agency's chief executive, David Fillingham, to discuss issues such as the NHS Leadership Centre, the Primary Care Development Team, the Clinical Development Support Unit and NHS Plus.

'We also understand that the Agency may be overseeing a programme of work to cut waiting times in orthopaedic treatment. These are all areas in which we believe physiotherapists have a crucial role to play.

'Government recognition that people working at the NHS frontline, working within national frameworks, are very well placed to shape services in the most beneficial way for patients is a very positive move for the NHS.

'We were also delighted with Alan Milburn's promise to inject £60 million into the health service to allow frontline staff protected time to look at how they can improve the quality of patient care.

'Many physiotherapists are already heavily involved in developing and delivering innovative ways of working in order to deliver more effective and speedy health care to patients. This move will allow them to innovate still further and for the practices to be adopted throughout the NHS.'



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