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CSP responds to Reid's decision to set new local standards for the NHS

5 July 2005 - 9:10am

New performance targets for NHS

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) has welcomed the Government's decision to set new standards placing stronger emphasis on the delivery of quality patient care at local level, but is keen that the achievements performance targets have helped to bring about are not forgotten in the process.

CSP Chief Executive Phil Gray is pleased that Government pledges to boost the number of chartered physiotherapists by 59 per cent by 2008/9 (made in 2000) and to significantly increase the number of AHP consultants by April this year have not been abandoned.

Commenting on the announcement, Mr Gray said:

'Government targets have brought about significant achievements in healthcare in recent years ñ often in areas where physiotherapists have played a central role, such as stroke services, coronary heart disease, orthopaedic triage and direct access.

'We are therefore keen that this latest move does not disrupt the speed of progress or focus on modernisation and change in the NHS.

'If some targets are to be overlooked in favour of improving quality of care, we want to be absolutely clear what the new standards are and how the Government will implement them

'Given the potential impact of this change of direction, we are pleased that the Government is prepared to consult with stakeholders. The CSP is looking forward to contributing fully and in target driven areas, where physiotherapists have been able to play a key role, we are keen to work with the Government to ensure that progress continues to be made and measured.'


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