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CSP calls for a 'fairer future' for physiotherapists

5 July 2005 - 9:10am

The CSP announces the launch of its new campaign - 'Delivering a fairer future'.

With an end to the government's NHS pay modernisation talks still some way off, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) has stepped up its call to improve conditions for staff with the launch of its 'Delivering a fairer future' campaign.

The CSP's new initiative will press the government to improve benefits for NHS physios and assistants. Fairer grading, easier access to continuing professional development and a review of the government's policy on parking permits for community physiotherapy staff are among the issues the campaign seeks to address.

Richard Griffin, CSP director of industrial relations says that although chartered physiotherapists and other allied health professionals (AHPs) have adapted to meet the needs of the new NHS; their expanding roles and responsibilities have not been matched by appropriate rewards. He believes positive change is long overdue:

'While we are making progress towards boosting pay and career opportunities for AHPs through 'Agenda for Change' (AfC), implementation of a total pay overhaul is still some way off. Our members have waited patiently for the new system for nearly three years. The CSP's new campaign will concentrate on providing immediate solutions to the problems that are causing some staff to become disillusioned with the NHS.'

NHS physiotherapists have taken on increasingly important roles. Some are responsible for slashing waiting times by managing the treatment of orthopaedic patients, while others are freeing up hospital beds by leading intermediate care teams, for instance.

But many feel that the work they do is under valued, which has led to a high level of physiotherapy shortages within the NHS. Richard says the government must act now if the health service is to successfully attract and keep the skilled staff it needs:
'Staff shortages present the greatest threat to the delivery of effective patient care and service modernisation. Through 'Delivering a fairer future' the CSP intends to make sure the NHS becomes a more attractive working environment for our members. This will be good for staff, good for patients and good for the Service.'


Notes to editors:

  • The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy is the professional, educational and trade union body for the country's 39,000 chartered physiotherapists, physiotherapy students and assistants. Physiotherapy is Britain's fourth largest health profession and continues to grow.
  • 'Delivering a fairer future' has five core strands:
  • Pressing for a positive conclusion to the Agenda for Change negotiations
  • Addressing immediate pay pressures through the PT'A' Whitley Council and Pay Review Body
  • Ensuring local grading criteria are applied correctly
  • Lobbying for better CPD and lifelong learning resources
  • Securing parking permits for community physiotherapy staff
  • For more information please call Jennie Edmondson in the CSP press office on 020 7306 6616 / 28


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