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Training Framework for Trusted Assessors (Community Equipment) - project update

9 May 2005 - 9:10am

Model for proposed framework now developed

In May 2004 a consortium of organisations began working together to develop a Training Framework for support workers to enable them to be more effective for clients by providing appropriate equipment solutions to straightforward problems, as they occur.  The idea was borne out of the Government Programme to modernise Community Equipment Services (the ICES initiative 2001-2004) but it can be seen to fit with a wide range of other Government policy drivers and Workforce developments. 

An important objective was to involve as wide a range as stakeholders as possible. One of the first tasks was to establish a 'Collaborative' to bring people together so that they could contribute to the development of the work.  The "Trusted Assessors' Collaborative" includes representatives from industry, equipment services, professional organisations and the voluntary sector and it has now met on two occasions to discuss the issues raised during the course of the project and inform its development.

What the Framework aims to achieve
The term 'Trusted Assessor' has been coined to describe support workers who are competent in providing appropriate equipment solutions to disabled and older people.  The Training Framework aims to achieve consistency across the country by setting out nationally agreed competences for this work. The intention is that the Framework will link closely with the National Occupational Standards that are being developed in Health and Social Care.  The ultimate outcome from this work is that disabled and older people, and their carers, are provided with the right equipment at the right time, with a wider range of staff being able to provide it.

Where are we now?
After extensive research (including literature reviews and reviews of local framework documents and reports, consultation via workshops and meetings) a model for the proposed framework has been developed.  A survey of service users has also been conducted to check the validity of the proposed outcomes for disabled and older people.  Work is now focusing on refining the model, mapping the competences that have been identified against National Occupational Standards and producing guidelines for assessment.  When this has been done a second and final consultation phase will begin and the proposed Framework will be circulated to as many interested people as possible for their comments and input.

How can you help?
The project is due to finish by May 2005, so if you would like to participate in the final consultation exercise please contact Maggie Winchcombe (Project Manager) on:, Telephone Number: 023 92 78 37 55



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