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TUC Congress 2004

10 August 2004 - 9:10am

Work-life balance issues will feature prominently at the TUC's 2004 Congress, which will take place between 13-16 September. A CSP motion says Congress should call on the government to introduce a right to work flexibly for parents and carers of dependent relatives. More details here...

The CSP's motion to TUC Congress calls on the government to introduce a right to work flexibly for parents and carers of dependent relatives; mandatory equal pay reviews; and representative actions in the Employment Tribunals. The full text of the CSP motion is set out below: P14 Equality and work/life balance Congress recognises that all workers have responsibilities and interests outside work. Many workers, particularly women, are carers of children, or dependent relatives. Workers also have a right to lifelong learning opportunities and time to participate in civil society. Congress believes that effective practices to promote work/life balance will benefit businesses, their workforce and society. The Government must provide adequate social protection for all workers who take time out of the labour market or work part time. Employers and unions have a joint responsibility to develop workable solutions that meet the needs of the business and all employees. Congress believes that the gender pay gap is in part attributable to the low value attached to part-time work. The voluntary approach to equal pay has failed to close the pay gap and the Government should introduce mandatory equal pay reviews. Employment Tribunals should be given a statutory role in enforcing equal pay awards and should be allowed to hear representative claims on behalf of groups of workers. Congress notes the successes of a number of union-negotiated flexible working packages in both the public and the private sector. Congress calls on the Government to introduce:

  • i) a right to paid parental leave;
  • ii) a right to work flexibly for parents and carers of dependent relatives;
  • iii) mandatory equal pay reviews; and
  • iv) representative actions in the Employment Tribunals.

Congress calls on the General Council to campaign for points i) to iv) and to develop training for union officers and reps in negotiating flexible working packages.

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

For more information on the TUC Congress see  European Foundation European Quality of Life Survey Large sections of Europe's workforce are too knackered after work to do household tasks and stand no chance of achieving a work-life balance. The European Foundation's European Quality of Live survey found 23 per cent of EU workers complain they are too tired to carry out household tasks and about 15 per cent of people in the new member states report difficulties in fulfilling family responsibilities because of time spent at work. The survey found women, more often than men, experience problems in balancing work and family responsibilities. People who work more than 48 hours a week generally report being less able to reconcile their working and non-working lives. The European Foundation says these issues will be examined at this year's Foundation Forum 2004, to run from 3-4 November in Dublin. 


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