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Assistants Regrading at UCHT

2 July 2004 - 9:10am

Yvonne Lee, CSP steward at UCHT, describes her experience pursuing regrading claims for nine physiotherapy assistants...

Yvonne Lee, CSP steward at UCHT, describes her experience pursuing regrading claims for nine physiotherapy assistants...

In late 2002, nine physio assistants from various sites within the trust started to inquire about the possibility of getting their posts regraded to TI3. There were no physio TI3 posts in our trust at this time. Ground breaking stuff for us then!

I used the grading guidance produced by the CSP (September 2002) and advice from our full time officer, Linda Austin, and helped them to submit their claim in February 2003. Initially, as advised by the CSP, this request went to their immediate line manager, who was then to pass it on to the physio manager (after answering several questions such as 'do you confirm the duties listed?' 'do you agree these are a higher grade?' will you support and take this forward? etc).

Three of the assistants got particularly excellent support from their line managers. It was not until April 2004, though, (13 months later!) that the members of staff got a reply. Three members were successful and have now been regraded to TI3, backdated to February 2003. Of the remaining, one has left the trust and another has decided not to pursue the claim, but four have sent in appeal letters. One, ironically, now has a post as an OT TI3, still in the same trust!

The members of staff who were successful had, on the whole, at least tentative-excellent support from their managers. My advice to other stewards is:

  • do your homework!!
  • use your full time officer! (ours gave us brilliant support)
  • read the CSP grading guidance
  • remember you can`t do it all yourself, so get the members to do some of the research too
  • check re: other regradings in the same trust/profession, what work do the same grade of staff do in other trusts?
  • check with your Training and Employment agency to see what qualifications are equal to City and Guilds
  • check the job description of the post being regraded to
  • keep written records
  • use your position on JCNC to raise issues of delays or stalling
  • write to remind line managers (If the line manager won`t support, use another senior member of staff to endorse the claim, if possible)


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