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Online networks and social media

Online networks are a great way to connect with peers, share experiences and promote your services.

Social media guidance for members

Video: make sure you're safe, sensible and using social media effectively

The CSP encourages all members to use its online networks, interactiveCSP and social media sites.

You might be starting out, or perhaps you're an experienced user hoping to use online networks in a more spohisticated way.

We've produced guidance along with the video above to help you avoid pitfalls, plan campaigns and get the most out of online networking.

Social media guidance for members


File 165626InteractiveCSP is the society's own member-only online network, based around clinical specialisms and areas of occupational interest.

You can subscribe to bulletins, find out about courses and events, and contribute to discussions.

Thousands of members use iCSP as a secure space dedicated to professional issues, clinical progression and knowledge-sharing.

Sign up to one or more networks, manage your preferences or connect with your peers.


CSP on Twitter

File 165628Twitter has more than 500 million users, each sharing media and messages of up to 140 characters. The official CSP account is @thecsp.

Each message is known as a tweet, often with links to different websites. The official CSP account includes links to news and resources.

You can also find your local CSP account or see the list of CSP staff active on Twitter.

CSP on Twitter

CSP on Facebook

File 165630The society posts links to news and resources on Facebook, also using it as a point of contact.

We encourage members to share CSP news of particular interest, useful resources and information about events.

CSP on Facebook


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