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Rep of the year awards 2017

Give your CSP rep the recognition they deserve and nominate them for a Rep of the Year Award.

  • Has your Steward gone the extra mile for you and other CSP members?
  • Has your Safety Rep made your work environment a safer place?
  • Has your Rep supported you with a problem at work or university?

It's never been more important to have a voice at work.

File 221994Nominate your rep today and they could win a £100 prize in a special ceremony at the Annual Representatives Conference. But be quick: nominations are open only until 12 January. There are prizes in the following categories:

  • Steward of the Year
  • Safety Rep of the Year
  • Student Rep of the Year

Read the advisory guidance further below before making your nomination. And make sure you are logged in to the website before using the link to the online form. Terms and conditions for the 2017 awards can be accessed at the foot of this page.

Make your nomination now

Rep of the Year advisory guidance

The awards are judged on the following categories:

  • running successful campaigns to improve working / university life
  • recruiting and communicating effectively with members
  • encouraging CSP members to be active at work and university
  • assisting CSP members with individual problems at work or university
  • integrating equality and diversity into their work as a rep.

Running successful campaigns

When completing the nomination form you may wish to consider:

  • Has your CSP steward run a successful workplace campaign to improve the working lives of you and the members in your department or university?
  • Has your rep listened to what matters to you and taken action?
  • Have they encouraged all CSP members to be active within the campaign and to feel that their voice will be heard?
  • Have they been active in negotiating policies which have improved CSP members working lives?
  • Have they raised the profile of the CSP in the workplace?
  • Have they worked effectively with other unions on an issue that matters to employees?

Recruiting and communicating with members

When completing the nomination form you may wish to consider:

  • Has your rep used innovative methods to recruit new members?
  • Have they spoken to new members of staff to ask them to join the CSP?
  • Have they recruited members from groups who are less well represented such as associates, overseas trained or part time staff?
  • Has your rep used varied and innovative methods to stay in touch with members such as notice boards, face to face meetings, email and social media
  • Is your rep available to speak to members when they need them?
  • Does your rep keep members up to date on information from the CSP and also feed their views back to the CSP?
  • Does your rep help members play a key role in resolving issues in the workplace?
  • Have they successfully used mapping techniques to ensure that they have high levels of membership within their department?

Assisting members with problems at work or university

When completing the nomination form you may wish to consider:

  • Has your CSP rep supported you with an individual problem at work or university?
  • Have they taken the time to go through the issues and ensure that you understand the relevant policies and documents?
  • Have they supported and empowered you to take appropriate action to resolve your issue?
  • Has your rep used an individual problem to tackle a wider issue within the workplace such as bullying?

Integrating equality and diversity

When completing the nomination form you may wish to consider:

  • Has your rep negotiated policies on equality issues such as flexible working or dignity at work?
  • Has your rep assessed the equality impact of all policies and procedures?
  • Have they supported members with equality issues such as bullying, reasonable adjustments, sickness absence, maternity etc?
  • Has your rep ensured CSP information, training and events are accessible to all?
  • Have they championed equality and ensured all members are aware of their rights?


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27 October 2017
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