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CSP Awards 2011

The fifth annual Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Awards took place at the Hotel Russell in London on 18 November 2011.

Winners of the CSP Service Excellence Awards 2011

The Care Closer to Home Award was won by the Edinburgh Community Respiratory Team, who provide a rapid-access, specialist physiotherapy service, targeting the management of COPD patients.

Also shortlisted in this category were the Complex Discharge Assessment Team from Manchester Royal Infirmary.

The Promoting Self Management Award was won by the Edinburgh Community Pulmonary Rehabilitation Team, a multidisciplinary physiotherapist-led service which operates across the city of Edinburgh in community venues.

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Birmingham Community Healthcare Trust was also shortlisted in this category.

The Research in Practice Award was won by the Working Well team from Salford, who use a vocational rehabilitation model of provision for staff health, with a focus on rapid access to a specialist occupational physiotherapy case manager.

Also nominated in this category were Dr Penny Butler, from the Movement Centre at Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Hospital in Oswestry, and Dr Lisa Roberts, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Consultant at Southampton University Hospital Trust and senior lecturer at Southampton University.

The Technology Award was won by Paul Chapman from Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, where pysiotherapists have benefited from the introduction of digital pen technology.

The Seven Day Working Award was won by the James Cook University Hospital 7-day Cardiothoracic Physiotherapy Team, who were also recognized as the overall winners - see the news story: Seven-day workers win excellence award.

Distinguished Service Awards were presented to:

  • Jacqueline Brown
  • Sonya Lam
  • Morag McNaughton
  • Ann Compton
  • Kath Fairgrieve
  • Daphne Sidney
  • Jane Leicester
  • Barbara Introwicz

Fellowships were awarded to:

  • Jill McClintock
  • Professor Anne Forster
  • Dr Eleanor Main
  • Dr Christopher James McCarthy
  • Kathleen Margaret Vits
  • Professor Valerie Sneddon Webster
  • Dr Nicola Phillips
  • Dr Michael Andrew Thacker

Honorary Fellowships were awarded to: Dr Martin Allen and Baroness Finlay of Llandaff.

How the nominations were judged

The criteria developed and utilised for Supporting Evidence in Physiotherapy Practice were used to judge each award:

  • Improved clinical outcomes for patients
  • Improved access and waiting times
  • Improved the working lives of staff
  • Working in partnership with others
  • Improved cost effectiveness
  • Involvement of service users
  • Clear use of data to measure and evaluate outcome
  • Good use of communication and information technology
  • Appropriate use of research and evidence

Not all criteria will be relevant to every nomination.


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