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Annual Representative Conference 2017

The 2017 Annual Representative Conference will take place on 6-7 March at the Principal Hotel, Manchester.

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Going to ARC?

Register by 6 February 2017

All members are welcome to attend ARC but only nominated representatives have subsidised places and can vote.

Nominated representatives

  • 39 representatives nominated by Regional Networks and Country boards;
  • 73 representatives nominated by the professional networks;
  • 135 representatives nominated by stewards and safety representatives;
  • 30 representatives nominated by students;
  • 15 representatives nominated by associates;
  • Each equality and diversity network group and the retirement network group shall nominate two representatives.

Booking your travel

Train travel should be booked using the trainline code and should be off-peak return rail fares.  See Booking your train to ARC document.

If you haven’t already done so, please book your travel tickets as soon as possible to take advantage of the cheap fares. If travel is not booked at least a month in advance, you will be expected to fund half the costs unless there are exceptional circumstances or cheap fares are available.

Booking flights

Unless you are travelling from the Channel Islands or Northern Ireland flights may only be booked if they cost less than the off-peak return train fare and you must gain permission from the Chief Executive’s office (contact Sally-Ann Cole) before booking or travel claim expenses will not be paid.

Training for ARC representatives

This year there will be a training session before the start of ARC on the morning of the 6th March providing an opportunity for representatives to increase their understanding of ARC including:

  • Debating of motions
  • ARC Standing Orders
  • Structure of the conference.

Emergency motions

Emergency motions arising between 20 February – 3 March: if there are any issues arising these can be submitted in writing via email to

References back

Any references back to the Council’s responses on ARC 2016 resolutions or on the 2016 ARC Agenda Committee’s report must be submitted in writing by 3 March 2017.


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