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Joyce Williams - 24 May 2017

Joyce Williams wonders how physios can best sell their skills to their potential patients

Catherine Pope - 09 May 2017

How often have you been asked to complete equality and diversity data and either declined to do so or ticked ‘prefer not to say’? Catherine Pope talks about why it's important to always fill in those boxes

Joyce Williams - 09 May 2017

Former physio Joyce Williams finds being in her 80s is not quite how she planned it – and wonders what advice other physios have to help her

- 03 May 2017

‘Earn as you learn’ offers options for a career in physiotherapy – or a higher qualification at master’s level. Seize the opportunity to study without getting a loan, says Ieuan Ellis

Catherine Pope - 12 Apr 2017

Catherine Pope likes a change – but is finding it harder as she gets older

Joyce Williams - 28 Mar 2017

Former CSP chair Joyce Williams gives some lifestyle longevity tips while paying homage to Lewis Carroll

Catherine Pope - 17 Mar 2017

Catherine Pope, CSP chair, is clocking up the miles visiting members

Joyce Williams - 17 Mar 2017

Joyce Williams former chair of the CSP, talks about a red jumper from the 1950s … and the history of the profession

Naomi McVey - 07 Mar 2017

Position your service to be of help to both patients and the healthcare system, recommends Naomi McVey in her latest blog

Joyce Williams - 07 Mar 2017

Getting to 80 doesn’t necessarily mean the end, but for some, sadly, it might. Joyce Williams muses on funerals

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