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Blog posts by Naomi McVey

Naomi McVey is programme manager for AHP Workforce with the North West AHP Network, and co-founder and network lead for @physiotalk and @WeAHPs twitter communities. Follow Naomi on twitter @NaomiMcVey.

Naomi McVey - 14 Aug 2017

Doing a job interview can be a harrowing experience, confesses Naomi McVey

Naomi McVey - 29 Jun 2017

It’s time to be truthful, says Naomi McVey

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Naomi McVey - 30 May 2017

As someone living close to the site of the Manchester bombings a week ago today, CSP member Naomi McVey shares some personal reflections

Naomi McVey - 07 Mar 2017

Position your service to be of help to both patients and the healthcare system, recommends Naomi McVey in her latest blog

Naomi McVey - 17 Nov 2016

Naomi McVey talks Devo Manc, and what it could mean for physiotherapy services

Naomi McVey - 11 Oct 2016

Naomi McVey talks about how networks can help you share learning, ideas and best practice with others

Naomi McVey - 10 Sep 2016

Naomi McVey talks about the stigma associated with suicide, and how we must challenge it.

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Naomi McVey - 16 Aug 2016

Naomi McVey takes a look at the up-side of social media

Naomi McVey - 29 Jul 2016

Kate Granger’s campaign for a person-centred NHS had particular resonance for Naomi McVey

Naomi McVey - 30 Jun 2016

Naomi McVey warns about the need to be careful on social media when getting involved in Brexit discussions

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