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Blog posts by Anna Lowe

Anna Lowe is a Ph.D researcher at Sheffield Hallam University and a physical activity clinical champion at Public Health England. Follow her on Twitter @annalowephysio

Anna Lowe - 19 Oct 2017

Anna Lowe talks about the benefits of physical activity.

Anna Lowe - 21 Aug 2017

Do you think you need to see patients to be a physio? Anna C Lowe suggests you don’t

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Anna Lowe - 26 Jun 2017

Last week was AHPs4PHO's first anniversary. Anna Lowe looks at what the community has achieved

Anna Lowe - 08 Jun 2017

Physical activity is so closely aligned with our core aims of maximising function, managing pain, encouraging self-management and ultimately improving quality of life, that it’s important physios know where to access resources, as Anna Lowe explains.

Anna Lowe - 20 Jan 2017

Anna Lowe looks at the implications of people living and working longer, focusing on what it means for the physiotherapy profession.

Anna Lowe - 26 Sep 2016

A minor bike accident found Anna Lowe in A&E pondering the value of prevention rather than cure while enjoying a chocolate bar.

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Anna Lowe - 22 Aug 2016

Tired of trailing off to one-day courses miles away from home? Anna Lowe suggests a new approach

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Anna Lowe - 23 Jun 2016

Do physios see public health as part of their role? Anna Lowe, senior lecturer in physiotherapy at Sheffield Hallam University, has been finding out

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