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Prof Ieuan Ellis - 15 Sep 2016

Self-promotion is vital in raising the visibility of physiotherapists and other allied health professionals, says Prof Ieuan Ellis.

Naomi McVey - 10 Sep 2016

Naomi McVey talks about the stigma associated with suicide, and how we must challenge it.

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jasonlaird - 01 Sep 2016

In his last blog Jason Laird talks about winding down from Rio – and up to Tokyo

Anna Lowe - 22 Aug 2016

Tired of trailing off to one-day courses miles away from home? Anna Lowe suggests a new approach

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jasonlaird - 17 Aug 2016

In his third blog from Rio, judo team physio Jason Laird reflects on one medal and many different memories

Naomi McVey - 16 Aug 2016

Naomi McVey takes a look at the up-side of social media

Catherine Pope - 12 Aug 2016

Catherine Pope, CSP’s chair, reflects on the impact of a member who, sadly, passed away last month

jasonlaird - 09 Aug 2016

Preparing judo players for their Olympic events presents special challenges. Team lead physio Jason Laird describes the recent tournament build-up

Prof Ieuan Ellis - 05 Aug 2016

As a physiotherapist are you a good role model in promoting a less sedentary, more physically active lifestyle – especially during the Olympics, asks Ieuan Ellis

Naomi McVey - 29 Jul 2016

Kate Granger’s campaign for a person-centred NHS had particular resonance for Naomi McVey

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