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Leap day of action - celebrating partnership working and trade unions

Join in Scotland’s Leap Day of Action - celebrating partnership working and trade unions.

Join in Scotland’s Leap Day of Action - Celebrating Partnership Working and Trade Unions

Today, 29 February, is a day of activity promoting the role of trade unions and partnership working in the NHS in Scotland.

Backed by NHSScotland, the Scottish Partnership Forum, local authorities and unions, including the CSP and health unions, the special day is in response to the attack on trade unions by the UK Government contained in the Trade Union Bill.

It is an opportunity for NHS staff and all stakeholders in the NHS in Scotland to recognise and promote our collaborative model of partnership engagement.

What you can do:
  • show your support on Twitter, including @thecsp and #NotoTUbill and @ScottishTUC in your tweet
  • look out for events organised in your health board and join in; check with your local steward
  • follow activity on the day on Facebook
  • share with a work colleague one positive thing your CSP rep has done for you
  • if you have taken part in any activity get in touch with CSP policy officer Tom Gill via email with a few words / photos, ASAP

What has partnership working in the NHS in Scotland ever done for us?

Lifetime pay protection - this offers our members stability in a period of great change and financial hardship. Pay protection protects the pay of NHS staff where an individual’s existing post is affected by organisational change, leading for example to a reduction in banding, in hours or earnings.

Paid parental leave

- this has taken a long time to be enforced country wide but is a huge step forward in recognising the challenges of parenting but the value of retaining a skilled workforce by appropriate leave policies. It has involved lots of hard work from CSP reps locally to ensure equity of opportunity to these rights across Scotland.
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Staff Governance Standard

- This underpins legislation which aims to improve how NHSScotland's diverse workforce is treated at work. It accepts that active engagement of all parties with the principles of good staff governance is essential for NHS Scotland to achieve continuous improvements in service quality to the people of Scotland. An important part of the process sees each partnership forum report on staff governance standards annually, and feed into a wider report published by joint health union 'staffsides' nationally. So good employment practice is embedded in all work that we do. < br/>


PIN policies

- The Partnership Information Network policies form part of the terms and conditions of employment of all NHSScotland employees and are designed to achieve a consistent approach in the way NHSScotland deals with its employees. PIN is the baseline for all local polices which cannot be worse than that. This means no postcode lottery about your entitlements depending on where you work. A guaranteed standard for all our members.


CSP representation

- The CSP is represented at national, health board level and in local partnership fora. We are also securing other roles promoting the interests of physio and other NHS staff at the top table - for example, one of our regional stewards has just been become Employee Director for NHS Orkney, voted in by local union reps on ‘staff side’, a post which involves co-chairing the area partnership forum with CEO and means you are a voting member of the health board with full corporate responsibility. At a local level there are many examples of CSP reps contributing to innovative development work in partnership roles.


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