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CSP student membership fees

CSP student membership can cost as little as £32 per year - that's under 9p a day.

Join now before the September fee increase

From the 1st September 2016 student membership fees will be increasing from £32 to £39 a year.

If your course started before April 2016 and you apply before 1 September, you can still pay the old price of £32 a year for the whole of your course and you can spread the cost by paying in instalments each year.

The total amount you need to pay, depending on the length of your programme, is shown in the table below:

Programme length CSP accredited (total tariff @ £32 per year)
Two years £64
Three years £96
Four years £128


Your payment options are:

  • Pay the full cost of student membership upfront for the whole of your programme (by direct debit or UK cheque)
  • Pay by annual instalments (by direct debit)
  • Pay by two equal instalments each year (by direct debit)

And please bear in mind the following points:

  • if you choose to defer applying for membership, you will still have to pay the full amount for the duration of your programme (it is therefore wise to take up membership from the earliest point to gain access to the support, services and resources it provides)
  • if you should have to repeat a year (and therefore require the benefits of CSP student membership for a longer time period), you will need to pay for membership for that additional year
  • if you are required, or choose, to withdraw from a physiotherapy programme and have paid upfront and in full for student membership, we will refund payment for the year(s) for which you do not require CSP student membership
  • if you are required, or choose, to interrupt your physiotherapy studies and have paid upfront and in full for student membership, we will arrange for prospective payment for membership benefits to be held over until you resume your physiotherapy studies
  • if you choose not to take up CSP student membership, you will be required to pay a higher joining fee to the CSP when you graduate and seek qualified membership (the fee will be £195, compared with £20). It therefore makes sense to join as early as possible so you can access the full range of member benefits

Apply to join today.


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