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Conditions of student membership

Becoming a member of the UK’s only professional body for physiotherapy is an exciting step!  Before you get started on your application, it is important you take a few minutes to read these notes:

How does CSP student membership work?

  • CSP membership is for the duration of your course, regardless of when you join.
  • If you defer applying for membership, for example in your second year or a week before you graduate, you will still have to pay the full fee (depending on the length of your course).
  • You'll pay just £20 joining/registration fee when you become a qualified member. (If you are not a student member before your finish your course, you will have to pay £195).
  • It’s therefore more cost effective to take up membership at the earliest point - you’ll get the best value for money with access to all our benefits!
  • Once your application has been processed, we’ll send you your membership number and badge and you can start exploring all the benefits and services
  • All CSP student members are required to abide by our Code of Members’ Professional Values and Behaviour.

How much does CSP student membership cost?

Student membership fees vary depending on:

  • the length of your programme
  • whether the course is accredited
Length of course Accredited course Non-accredited course
Two years £78.78 £94.78
Three years £118.17 £142.17
Four years £157.56 £189.56


What are the payment options?

There are three ways you can pay for your student membership:

  • in full and upfront for the duration of your programme
  • by annual instalments (collected in September)
  • by two equal instalments each year (collected in September and March).

Payment by installments are collected within two months of applications being accepted.

What happens if my circumstances change?

We understand that situations can change:

  • If you withdraw from a physiotherapy programme, and have paid upfront and in full for student membership, we will refund payment for the year(s) you do not require student membership.
  • If you need to repeat a year, you will have to pay for an additional year of membership at £39.39.
  • If you interrupt your physiotherapy studies, and have paid upfront and in full for student membership, we will hold the prospective payment until you resume your physiotherapy studies.

Can I work as a physio support worker under student membership?

CSP student membership does not include trade union representation so if you are working as a support worker it is worth being a CSP associate member as well as a student member. You can get in touch with our Enquiries team on +44 20 7306 6666 for more information.

If you are already a CSP associate member and about to start a physio programme, you are entitled to free student membership! You will need to complete the 2017/2018 student application form (and if completed in your first term you’ll get a free copy of The Physiotherapist’s Pocketbook 2e)

Can I get insurance cover to practice sports massage while studying?

The CSP offers competitive top-up insurance for CSP student members who hold a sports massage qualification.

  • For cover between 1st July 2017 and 31st December 2017 — cost £36.50
  • For cover between 1st January 2018 and 30th June 2018— cost £22.50.

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