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Log in, 'keep me logged in' and log out

Quick pointers on the login/logout features.

Why log in?

CSP members will need an account to see member-only content.  Other users may need an account to access certain services on the site.

Where to log in

There are several places from where you can log in. Each has different characteristics as summarized below:

  • Log in upper right above search - if you log in from here you will be taken to your account options.
  • Log in lower left menu - if you log in from here you will be returned to whichever page you were viewing when you logged in.
  • Log in from within a site page - pages with member-only content will have a log in option within the page.  If you login from such a link, as a member, you will be returned to the page and will then be able to see member-only content. 

How to log in

To log in to the website you need to have an account.  To create an account click on 'register' and complete the form.

  • Enter either your username or your primary email address - you can use either
  • Enter your password
  • Hit the ‘log in’ button.

If you need further help with login contact our Enquiry Team for help on 020 7306 6666 or use the 'Request new password' feature to create a new password.

Keep me logged in

This helpful feature, can be found just below the password field on the log in page.  It allows you to stay logged in, so that next time you open the website it automatically logs you in. 

This can be very helpful if using the site from a mobile device and when acccessing links from iCSP bulletins. 

The feature should not be used on shared computers because it could give other people access to your account.

How to log out

If you are using a shared computer it is good practice to log out at the end of your session to remove the risk of giving somebody else access to your account.  To log out:

  • Click the 'log out' link - at the top of every page above the search box.
  • Alternatively, click on the 'log out' link in the box called ‘Your account’ at the bottom left of every page.