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Workload and finance undermines patient care

Increased workloads and restructuring of services driven by the squeeze on budgets are undermining the quality of patient care, according to a new survey of CSP members.

Workloads had increased over the past year for 85 per cent of NHS physiotherapy staff, with over 40 per cent saying this had undermined the quality of patient services. Over 50 per cent of the survey’s respondents said that restructuring of services had hit patient services. The survey, conducted by IDS on behalf of health unions as part of submissions to the NHS pay review body, also found that six out of 10 felt their latest pay rise was outweighed by cost of living increases. Peter Finch, assistant director of employment relations and union services said: ‘The government says “we are all in this together”. But while bankers are pocketing billions in bonuses, our members are facing a two year pay freeze, as well as threats to their terms and conditions of employment and pensions. And let’s not forget the impact of the recent spending review and hikes in VAT and national insurance. ‘Increased workloads and the financial pressures in the NHS are also having a negative effect on patient care,’ added Peter Finch. ‘It is crucial that the NHS pay review body recognises the impact on motivation and morale, recruitment and retention these pressures will have on NHS staff  let alone the real terms two-year pay cut they are being asked to take.’ See


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